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The Final Moon Before the Aquarian Age

Updated: Dec 19, 2020

Have you felt it? That uneasy tug-o-war between what has been and what is to come? You're not alone.

The Moon - all things mothering, nurturing, and healing - is crossing over from Taurus into Gemini. How do we mother and nurture ourselves? There's the slow, plodding resistance, even a stubbornness, to change or transition of any sort as the Taurus bull sits down in the road, stares at the moon, and sniffs the night air. It would sit there forever if it could, but alas...We must get out of the road, loathe to leave behind the beautiul scenery for the barn. But, move we must. The time for sitting is over and the sunset this bull was watching has dipped below the horizon. It's gestation time, where we're in utero between what was and is, and as the moon moves into Gemini, there's lots to talk about.

The Gemini Twins love to talk duality. Where we were versus where we are going. Who we thought we were a year ago versus who we are now. How to marry and reconcile the two? What stays and what goes, what do we cherish and take with us, as opposed to what we leave behind forever? There's tension here as this dialogue is undertaken within us. What's your inner "clean your room" Mom-voice saying?

The full moon, also a super moon, is the last full moon before we make the leap into the Aquarian Age in two weeks. All those Gemini things you're contemplating have an important role: helping us to figure out what truly needs to be brought to completion. What must we say good bye and give thanks for that will create space for where we are headed? What routines, patterns, habits, cycles, and energies must be put to rest order to usher in our future reclamation of Self? Pack light, pack well.

Make plans, but don't act on them just yet. This is more of a roadtrip, not a flight. A tense aspect with erratic Uranus, the crazy uncle of the Cosmos who comes to dinner unexpectedly, shakes things up, and always has surprises up his sleeve, is affecting this full moon. There could be sudden, unexpected insights or events that might cause you to tweak those Gemini discussions between what stays and goes. You might need to alter your route a bit.

As if this weren't enough, the full moon also lands on an eclipse, intensifying this tense stay versus go dichotomy. The eclipse will intensify this conflict for those whose birthdays fall a day before, on, and after the eclipse. Big losses (and big opportunities) abound in the coming year for those most impacted. Best to observe more than judge when we can muster enough detachment from expectation to merely be a witness.

Ultimately, keep those lists and reflections close and be prepared to implement them and hit the road when Mars in Aries forms a sunny fire trine with the Sagittarius Sun on December 10. This fire energy imbues us with the strength of a warrior! For those with the courage, motivation, and energy to act on their full moon plans, victory is assured. Give what no longer serves your Highest and Best Good to the flames to be purified, cleansed, and released, while shining a light on your way forward. The future is brighter than it currently appears. Keep faith as you warm your soul by the fire.




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