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The Clash of Titans in the Year of the Metal Ox

Cosmically, we have an interesting year ahead. Now that Jupiter and Saturn have moved into Aquarius, Pluto has 4 more years in Capricorn. The energy shift kicked off on the Saturn Jupiter conjunction last December and Pluto is the clean up crew. The energy is one of tearing down old outdated beliefs and systems, both macro (globally and nationally) and micro (personally) so that there is room for a new way of doing things. Ways we have yet to imagine, implement, and create. Major shifts are coming as things that no longer serve our highest and best good will die... and new things, unprecedented things, will replace them. Uranus is in Taurus. Uranus always shakes things up. He's a release valve for change. Taurus doesn't like change, but changes are happening anyway this year when Saturn in Aquarius - structures that are being transformed for the future - squares off against Uranus. This happens three times this year (February 17, June 14, and December 23... and once more in October, 2022). Each date is a release valve, an earthquake, that suddenly causes a shift. The shifts are most likely to the things that are most physical, material, and stubborn in our lives: financial, structural, institutional, etc.; the ones that might be the oldest and most traditional. Traditions are nothing more than peer pressure from the dead and dying. We need not cling to them so desperately, but as we loosen our grip, the revelations and insights will be shocking at times. It could take many years before we see just how massive the mark that gets left really is. Caution dictates that while Neptune has a few more years in Pisces, reality and illusions will be hard to tell apart. A good course of action would be to explore and develop your Selfhood (Aquarius) giving ways to expand (Jupiter) into a new paradigm (Saturn). Aquarius is looking for us to cultivate our individuality and connection to spirit; being-ness and doing in unity. It is only through becoming our most actualized individually that we can come together collectively for a future with greater potential for all of humanity. In other words, put the oxygen mask on yourself first. The message is that 2021 is a year where if we expand our consciousness, we can ride the wave into the future rather than getting pummeled by it. When we flow, the chill will come.

Against that backdrop, there are a few energies that will replay on a consistent basis. With each replay, as these planets dance with one another, we go into deeper levels of unveiling. Chiron in Aries will prompt us to take action to heal our traumas so that we can present to the world our gifts, not our traumas. As Jupiter comes along, it encourages expansiveness in each thing it touches. As Chiron hits aspects to Jupiter, we expand our healing. As Chiron aspects Saturn, we experience healing in a more grounded, tangible way. This happens around February 9th.

Mercury, also in retrograde until late in February, is speeding through Aquarius and squares off against stubborn Mars in Taurus. Beware of angry words...As things fall apart, take a breath to consider whether the anger is a reaction born of old patterns and habits. Maybe we are clinging to things that no longer serve us and perhaps there's no need to be provoked into anger at all. Maybe it's best to let it dissolve.

The new moon in Aquarius on the 11th is a big one! We are encouraged here to realize that multiple truths can co exist; our version of history and our ideas about how to move forward might not be the same as others, but that doesn't make our perspective, or anyone else's, less valid. New moons are seed moons. It's a time to tap into the Quickening of Spring and invite the planting of new things, unifying things, free things. Aspected by Jupiter and Venus, this moon is so sweet, be careful not to over indulge; if we can align the spiritual and physical in authentic ways, we will be less likely to over play our hand. This is also the Chinese New Year, and 2021 is the Year of the Metal Ox. As we attune to our potential to create from a place of higher ideals, we can harness the power of the Ox to channel our Buddha Nature. A Zen parable called Ten Scenes With An Ox paints a contrast between an Ox Herder and the Ox itself. The moral of the parable is that we are both; and ultimately, the Buddha Nature is our innate nature. We are Divinity itself. The Ox symbolizes what we value most; while the bad workman blames his tools, Ox shows us that job well done comes when we do the work. No tools can help the lazy. Therefore, the most valuable assets lie within each of us. As we leave behind the Year of the Rat (no coincidence there was a global plague in the Rat Year!) let us embrace what gifts remain: positivity, honesty, nourishment, and gratitude.

These are the qualities that will sustain us through the Uranus square Saturn storms that approach, the first being just a week after the Chinese New Year on February 17. When this release valve strikes, we are being invited to explore how to embody responsible (Saturn) freedom (Aquarius) while moving through this revolutionary (Uranus) energy. Maybe this Ox (Taurus) is not so much a stubborn bull as a vital bull! We're going to be straddling worlds: old and new, past and future, physical and spiritual. The trick is to balance as you find a way to ground and center, to strike the sweet spot between what we like and how we obtain it.

By February 20, Mercury goes direct and all planets will be direct through April. Forward momentum is undeniable. We have the power now to reach through the ether and manifest reality if we can maintain a state of flow... not force. Pluto continues to unravel things that no longer serve us by showing us the depth of deception and the power struggles we have been operating under. By the full moon on February 27, we can take this fully illuminated information and reflect upon how we will breakthrough into our future. Ultimately, the full moon in Virgo sends the practical messege that there's no moving forward when we deny what we do not favor. We must deal with the polarity. To ignore and deny what we disagree with is to give the shadow strength. We must resolve conflicts within ourselves, our consciousness, and spirits before we can hope to heal the divisiveness that surrounds us. Sacred practicality and doing through being is emphasized. It's time to stop talking and time to start acting; first in our own lives, then extending and expanding that conscious way of being out into the world around us.

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