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Take the Plunge: The Grand Mutation Cycle of the Jupiter Saturn Conjunction

Updated: Dec 19, 2020

For the last 200 years, when Jupiter and Saturn have kissed one another in the sky, they have done so under the auspices of the Earth element. This year, they will meet in Air for the first time in 800 years...200 years in each of the 4 elements. As Aquarius, the sign both planets have entered into and are meeting up in is an Air sign, we call this a Grand Mutation; because, really, these energies are completely transitioning and mutating into something new. But what?

The last 200 years in Earth have heralded a time of dense materialism: industrial steel and railroads and buildings; the futile attempt to arrogantly dominate Nature; machines, automobiles, and the drilling of the planet for resources; and the ultimate resulting imbalances despite all the so- called advances. Jupiter, ever the planet of expansion, "bigger is better", and unbridled optimism met it's limits in Capricorn this year. Capricorn says "wait!" when all else says "go!". Capricorn, the Earth sign that scrimps, saves, hoards, and squirrels away for a rainy day. Capricorn, who values security and stability and status quo above expansion and exploitation. And, it just so happens that Saturn's home sign is Capricorn. Saturn is the old patriarch of the solar system. He's a grumpy curmudgeon who tells you to get off his lawn, always enforcing boundaries. He knows the rules and likes the rules; in fact, he demands upon strict adherence to them. Conform, says Saturn. Why? Because that's the way it's always been! Because he said so.

Those days are over.

Enter the fed up Mother. We began this year with a full moon in divinely feminine Cancer, and we will end the year with a full Cancer moon. She has arrived. She is saying, "enough with this grumpy old patriarch, senile, and stiff! Time to clear out all this old junk and air this place out!"

Indeed. Out with all the old, hoarded junk we have clung onto for however long...and in with the new. The pandemic has been a blessing in the sense that it has shown us where the old outdated junk is: failing, lurching, sluggish bureaucracies and institutions; old, heavy, stagnant, oppressive belief systems; the false polarities of Republican versus Democrat, Christian versus atheist, and ultimately, fear and scarcity (Saturn!) versus abundance and optimism (Jupiter!). As these two planets leave behind heavy, stodgy Earth sign Capricorn and enter into Air sign Aquarius, we no longer feel suffocated; we exhale all that heaviness and inhale a fresh new future. Can you smell it in the crisp wind of the solstice?

Yes, this shift happens on December 21, the winter solstice, the darkest, shortest day of the year. In the dark womb of possibility, new life stirs and in utero. Earth cycle has died, and something new is being reborn of its rot, like a mushroom blooming from decay. We cannot go back to "normal" or anything that previously was. Life as we knew it is behind us. We must ride the breath of the wind and allow it to carry us into a future we have yet to meet. Where Earth had us setting goals and grinding to manifest them, Air flows. We can surrender and ride the wind to meet our destinies with open hearts and minds, or we can be knocked over if we rigidly attempt to buck the gale. The choice is ours.

The new moon in Sagittarius on December 14 - which falls on a solar eclipse - is the firery spark of new life in the dark womb. In its warm light, we can gain clarity to see where we have over indulged fantasy and forsaken reality. It is a portal to heal deep traumas that still fester within us. It is where the blinders come off and we are invited to harness our inner creative flow to heal polarities within ourselves first, so that we can then mend the polarities that exist externally by creating space for common ground. Aquarius invites us to find ways to integrate our unique individualism with the collective good towards humanitarian ends. The seed for what is to come is planted during this new moon. Go within. Explore the dark. Do the work. Use your Sagittarius spark to light the way.

Structures will fail and crumble, deeper conflicts will play out (both around and within us), and soon, the stagnant waters we have been wallowing in will be replaced by cold, clear, flowing rivers of energy. It is wasted time to mourn the crumbling edifices of the patriarchy. Something new will replace it.

Jupiter in Aquarius wants to push forward and expand how we think, believe, and acquire our abundance. Saturn in Aquarius heralds a new order, new systems of governance, and new boundaries and customs. Aquarius prompts new technological advances, humanitarian causes, rebellious breakthroughs, and radical individual expression. The question is this: will we fall into a strange cult-like worship of technocratic authoritarianism, or will we embrace our expansive individualism while balancing and respecting our differences as we come together on common ground? It can go either way, and the choice is ours both individually and collectively. Alas...We cannot see the incredible impact of these changes while we are in the midst of them, as we are right now.

How do we navigate the mutation of energies and avoid taking the road to hell paved of best intentions? We let go of intentions and expectations altogether! We turn on, tune in, and drop out... for just a while anyway... and listen to that inner whisper. That Mother inside, who prompted us to throw out the junk stuffed in our closets and under our beds, who opened the windows and is airing the place out. She's leading the way! Listen to her...

On December 29, we close out this year with the full Cancer Moon. Eclipse season is over, at least for now. The energy settles. The Divine Feminine has arrived to restore balance; within us first, but externally as well. She's got almost four more years of housekeeping to do, cleaning up the mess that the patriarchs have left behind. Pluto - the planet of death, destruction, and transformation - lingers in Capricorn until 2024. During this time, the old order of the world slowly crumbles, collapses, and falls away as Mother sweeps up the mess and Airs the place out. When we clear the Air, we let go of the illusions that have misled us for so long. During this time of gestation, as we meet our most authentic selves and watch as everything we have come to know shifts, mutates, and transforms, if ever we seek solace, remember that Mother energy. Rest at her bosom. Gather her love, carry it like a spark in your spirit, and allow it's light to shine past the darkness into the new dawn of authentic Selfhood.

The yearly Uranus retrograde (begun August 15) has prompted a big review of all the sudden, unexpected changes of the year. Uranus changed signs a few years ago into plodding, loathe to change Taurus. Many of this year's changes haven't been all that sudden after all, in retrospect. They began years ago and we, individually in our own ways and collectively in other aspects, just allowed these illusions to continue. The Saturn Jupiter conjunction is inviting us to take the blinders off, come to terms with deep realities as to where we have allowed ourselves to mislead and be misled, and accept the death and destruction of our expectations. This is like dunking in icy waters. At first, there's the shock. The frigidity attempts to steal your breath at the absolute extremity of it. It shatters reality into thousands of pieces, shards of ice giving way to clear liquid depths so deep to peer down into it is to scry your Spirit. Everything that existed upon the surface rushes inward, to the core, coursing it's path towards the inner spark of divine knowingness. By taking the plunge, we integrate.

Happy Yuletide 💜



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