• aubreygannredmon

Sustainability Chronicles: Fear Isn't Sustainable, But Love Is

Each day offers the opportunity to find calm and stillness amid the chaos. Every time I enter the cold, love triumphs over fear; my love of life, of connection between spirit and Earth, and of each breath I take. Fear is not sustainable, but love is. When we live in fear, we lose control over our ability to cultivate love and peace in our lives. We lash out in anger and aggression, and we destroy connections within ourselves and the world around us. Fear causes us to see scarcity where abundance exists. When we indulge fear, anger, and aggression, we lose control over our emotions, our mental state, and our lives. And, when we lose control, we fall prey to those who promise solutions, but who may not always have our best interests at heart. We spiral into a dead end where we come to believe we lack choice, where we are at the mercy of forces beyond our control. This is but an illusion. There are no short cuts. No one will come to save you. We must do the hard work to save ourselves, one choice at a time. Each moment is an invitation to surrender to the present moment and dissolve the fear that grips us, to alchemize it into love, and to regain control of our lives...one cold breath at a time.

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