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Are They Quietly Canceling Motherhood?

All the fresh mountain air, the dark skies unpolluted by city lights, and the quiet stillness of a sighing forest has me sleeping really well these nights. Until a few nights ago. I awoke suddenly, my heart pounding in my chest. My eyes flew open. The epiphany was horrible and sudden: they are canceling motherhood.

Before I begin to unpack that terrible realization, let me just say a wave of emotions crashed over me in that instant. I felt a swelling, if not entirely renewed sense of gratitude that Cosmos saw fit to make me a mother. The experience - one so complex, rich, and yet at times, confusing - is something I cherish and feel blessed to know. I felt a love so deep that tears welled up in my eyes. How precious and privileged it is to be bestowed the honor of motherhood. And yet, at the same time, I was filled with fear, sadness, and outrage.

I've become closer to Mother Earth in my short six months on this homestead than I've ever been before in my life. My body eases out of its day and into slumber when the light of the sun fades, and I wake with the first light of dawn as it rises over the emerald peaks to the east. I spend hours exploring the hills and forests, swimming in her icy rivers, lakes, and coves, and sinking my hands into her loose soil. I hold her crystals in my hands, smell her pungent evergreen scents, and listen to her streams sing and chortle as her waters dance across the rocks. I've felt awe and power when her winds blow in hurricane force gusts, her falls crash hundreds of feet into roaring rivers, and the waves of her oceans thunder against granite cliffs. From Her, all life on this planet eminates.

But dirty, disposable masks litter her beaches. Planes fly high overhead spewing toxic chemicals from their bowls, blotting out the sun in a haze. The farmlands are polluted from GMO seeds and crops and the chemicals required to grow them. She is not the fertile Mother of centuries prior; her soils are depleted. Crops do not reproduce their own seeds for next season anymore. Rain water must be filtered to remove the toxins.

As of the writing of this post, pregnant women have been urged to get "the jab," which is presently unapproved by the FDA, and amounts to an experimental genetic therapy/ modification. Women have reported miscarriages after receiving it. Whistleblower doctors, censored by the media, are warning that it could cause infertility. Sperm counts are also down world wide. If this is science, why all the censorship? Why is there no room for open debate on something so precious as genetics and fertility?

While I have always championed CHOICE in all its forms, and have been consistently pro choice, insisting no government or person should impose their judgment upon a woman faced with an unwanted pregnancy, at the same time, I will never be a proponent for taxpayer funded abortions. Those who are so opposed shouldn't have their labor confiscated to pay for something they find morally repugnant. Aborted fetal tissue is used in the shots they seek to give us. Yet another reason to respect the body sovereignty of those declining the jab.

And, I have been a consistent defender of LGBT rights. Whoever someone falls in love with has nothing at all to do with me. I don't concern myself with the intimate lives of others. If someone truly believes they've been born a gender that does not match their soul, then far be it for me to judge their experience or the choices they wish to make to live a fully aligned life. However, a trans woman does not have a life giving womb. To equate her experience to mine is to invalidate my experience of conception, pregnancy, labor, childbirth, breast feeding, and everything that went along with it. There is room for both of our experiences to exist without having her experience consume mine. They aren't equal; they never can be. They are different. I'll never know what it would've been like to feel the things a biological male feels, to pee standing up, or to crave in my soul to be a woman... because I've always been female.

I'm reminded of my creative purpose every month. It's a profound time of slowness, introspection, and deep imaginings. In centuries prior, indigenous cultures would send their menstruating women to a special tent. While modern feminism attempts to paint this as a shameful thing, most women would secretly admit that going to a quiet tent to soak in hot springs, be left alone from the constant nagging of children, and getting a break from the many duties of womanhood isn't so bad. I'd like to think we only pretended to be put out over having to go away for five to seven days to tend to our messy woman plague... and really, we rejoiced to have girl time with the other worn out women huddled in the tent! Though most modern women muscle through the inconveniences of their monthly cycle, never slowing down, ploughing forward with work and whatever else, do we really need to?

What has all this "feminism" gotten us besides trying to jam ourselves into the mould of patriarchy? Career women can certainly do everything their male counterparts can. But do we really want to? We work all day, playing the patriarchal game, only to arrive home to "second shift" (as one woman I know so aptly put it), exhausted at the prospect of laundry, meal making, and bed time routines. We were programmed to aspire to these things... But why? To be more fulfilled? Or because two earners pay more taxes and fill ever expanding government budgets?

Women are figuring out that more debt means higher inflation and lower standards of living and the illusion of "you can have it all" is showing cracks in its facade. Maybe you can have it all... But something inevitably will suffer. What do we place ever less value upon? Motherhood.

Schools, as they remain locked and education erodes to a whimper, attempt to prop up the narrative that they can raise our kids. They can supplant their judgment for the mother's: getting vaccines without parental notification or consent, sex change injections without parental involvement, sexual education at ever younger ages... why can't they remain blissfully innocent through most of elementary school anymore?

What role is left for Earth Mother is everything is bioengineering, genetically modified, and chemically blessed? What role is left for biological women if the ability to create and nurture life is co-opted by genetically engineering babies? If breast feeding becomes "chest feeding"? If parents have less and less say in imparting education and values in their children's lives? If mothers become pariahs for protecting their children from growing up too fast, from being injected with experimental or potentially toxic substances?

At the very core of motherhood is creative force, creative potential. It's what makes us HUMAN. To supplant our egos for the profound wisdom of Nature is unsustainable. The transhuman agenda seeks to replace creativity and humanity with experimental scientism that is more a strange cultish religion of the uber wealthy power hungry elites bent on controlling humanity to their exclusive will. At what point do we, humans, rise up and say, enough? At what point do we draw a bold line between the scarcity oriented death cult of eugenics and the life affirming abundance of creation? When do we say that respecting the experiences and choices of others doesn't necessarily mean we must bow down to those beliefs as reflecting our own authentic existence? That multiple realities and experiences can be true without the need to step upon each other's toes in pursuing our own respective truths?

On this "International Women's Day," I wonder...are we intentionally (through technocracy, eugenics, censorship, and scientism) unintentionally (through fear, acquiesence, misinformation, and distraction) but quietly nonetheless, canceling motherhood? I pray we are not. I pray we find the strength to question in the face of censorship, the gratitude to value and cherish creative energy in the womb and in the Earth, and the courage to respect the creative outpouring of life in all its manifestations.


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