Aubrey Gann Redmon, Sustainable Lifestyle Consultant, Visual Artist, and Chronicler

Sustainability is a Lifestyle.

I've been touched by the beauty of this planet since childhood, never quite understanding why humans wasted so much! In exploring these feelings and attempting to reconcile them with modern living, I have been painting, drawing, and taking photographs - and journaling about philosophy and art - since I was five. The little white journal with a fake gold lock and multi-colored hearts all over it was filled with doodles and thoughts and kept under a loose piece of carpet in the back of my closet. Through the years, art has been many things, but always a constant companion and friend. Its been a means of therapy to process grief, trauma, and pain; it has been a way to decompress, rebel, and maintain a sense of self despite working within rigid, unforgiving systems of justice. It has also been a means of channeling my innermost musings, finding a way to express my connection with the Universe, Cosmos, Nature, and the synchronistic miracles I encounter each day. Metamorphosis and Transcendence of the human condition through the healing journey of artistic sustainability has the potential to unify us all. 

The fluid nature of paint reminds me that there is a flow of energy that connects us all, and even if we cannot connect with something on the physical plane, there may be room for connections and healing to occur in realms beyond our immediate perception. Some of my art and paintings play with the idea of getting lost in brushstrokes and color, evoking emotions of wonder and meditation. I also like working with found objects, everything from walls, to cutting boards, to doilies crocheted by ancestors, and especially yard art statues and rocks. Everyday objects can be transformed into new pieces, connecting the past and future, and putting a new twist on the ordinary items that may have outlived their average life, but go one to be transformed and reincarnated into a new expression. What happens on the canvas and on the page spills over into sustainable off grid living. The closer we move towards  a harmonious partnership with our ecosystem, the more creativity will flow from our being! We can find healing in a slower, more deliberate lifestyle, unblocking our unique creative potential in returning to the land. 



Avila University


UMKC - School of Law




Relax in Raymore, Pop-Up Art Competition, Summer Scene, 1st Place

Relax in Raymore, Pop-Up Art Competition, Summer Scene, 1st Place

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